Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a healing modality that places its reliance on the existence of energy fields.

Healing is achieved by the interplay between the human energy field and the energy field of the crystal. This interplay of energy fields can be explained using the terms and theories that are emerging from research into quantum physics. The consequence of this is that everything that one sees, feels, or experiences in any way is nothing more than a collection of energetic charges that are interacting within a background of electromagnetic charges and fields. There is no such thing as mass, there is only an electrical charge providing us with what we perceive as mass.

To quote Albert Einstein further, "Everything in life is vibration". This law of nature states that everything has a vibration. Chakras are vibrating energy centres rather like wheels in certain positions along the body. When chakras are blocked illness can manifest. We can use crystals to help to heal our chakras through entrainment of vibration.


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