David Smyth

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

David with patient David has been treating with acupuncture since 1986 after training at colleges in Leamington, London and China. He trained in 5 Element Theory at Leamington from 1985 to 1987, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture in Nanjing, China in 1991. He has also trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (pre-prepared herbals) and Korean Hand Therapy - acupuncture without needles.

In 1998 he discovered and pioneered a different acupuncture technique he calls "Polarities". He measures the polarity of the body by muscle testing and corrects it with acupuncture.(2008

Korean Hand Acupuncture

KHT David recently trained (2008)in Korean Hand Therapy which is a new form of acupuncture spreading fast from Korea. It may use tiny needles on the hand, or no needles at all, with press pellets and other techniques.

Korean Acupuncture includes some unique techniques and applications as well as ideas and theory from both TCM and Japanese acupuncture. In general there is more use of the Five Element Theory and an emphasis on your body type or constitution when developing treatments. Korean Hand Therapy is a popular subset of Korean Acupuncture where the hands are considered a microsystem of the entire body. Within this system you may diagnose and treat conditions anywhere in the body by working just on the hands.

Energy Healing - Reharmonising (RH)

RH workshop David founded and developed a new energy healing therapy in 1989 and teaches many courses in it. RH works by enabling the body to "see" what is happening inside itself. When our bodies lose the ability to judge what is going wrong, they cannot even start to put matters right. How can we heal something we don't even know is mal-functioning? RH shows our inner selves what is going on, which can then start the automatic process of putting it right.

He does this by "melting" the energy - David places a hand on or near the patient, and the two people's energies naturally communicate. To the patient this feels very calming and soothing; to the practitioner it feels gently swirling or fluid. When the energy becomes liquid, the patient's inner self can identify blocks or problems more easily. Once identified, it is much more possible to correct - quite naturally and effortlessly.

(see Reharmonising)

Toe Twisting

Toe Twisting Toe Twisting Workshop

In the 1930's a GP in Canada - Dr Mahlon Locke - alledgedly discovered that he could cure many conditions. He did this by gently 'twisting' people's feet, gradually teaching himself the process over about two years. At his peak, he treated up to 2,000 people per week with it. Many illnesses improved seemingly inexplicably. When he died the technique died with him because he had not taught it to anyone, although many people tried.

David recently re-discovered the secret (or at least David's version of it) through muscle testing. In August 2008 he surrogate tested the Doctor's son and grandson, thereby making a connection with the Doctor's technique. This enabled him to understand a little of what the Doctor was doing, and then the process could be modernised with David's own healing specialities.

Food and environmental sensitivities

David discovered and pioneered a new technique to identify and address intolerances in 1989. He does this by 'calming down' the distorted and excited energy in various allergy centres. This has the effect of enabling the body to 'see' the problem clearly for the first time. It can then work out how to deal with the substance much more effectively. After a time (from instantly to a year) the body may be able to tolerate the substance again. This means not only can allergies be addressed, but also toxins such as radiation and heavy metals.

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