Teresa Dellbridge

Teresa Dellbridge


Relaxation, self-understanding and a positive outlook are three essentials necessary for a healthy and fulfilling life. Peace and harmony are great healers.

I can help you to leave anxiety behind, and feel better about life and yourself. I can also help you become aware of your strengths and talents, and build on them.

My background in psychodynamic counselling fosters self-knowledge in those who feel they can benefit from it, but if this path is not for you, hypnotherapy can help you make significant changes, smoothly and comfortably.

I believe that spirit and body are one interdependent unit and that we all possess the innate ability to heal ourselves. I offer Reiki healing, to shift energy at a deep level, so you can move into a more positive state of being.

The world around us has so much to offer in terms of nourishment and well-being. I am trained to offer Hypno-Gastric Band as well as basic advice on nutrition and weight-loss, and can prescribe Bach Flower Remedies, so you may benefit from the healing essences in Nature.

Although I often work at a deep level, my approach is gentle and my priority is that you should feel empowered and cared-for, able to see yourself and your life in an increasingly optimistic light.

I’m always happy to discuss your needs with you and to answer all your questions with no obligation. You can telephone me on 01453 886853 or email me using the link below.


Many studies have been conducted into the effectiveness of hypnotherapy, with some excellent results.  A hypnotic trance causes distinct changes in the brain (Ann Acad Med Singapore, 2008; 37: 683-8;  Mayo Clin Proc, 2005; 80: 511-24)  Although it is a very relaxed state, heightened awareness and receptivity are characteristic, with a bypassing of the critical faculties of the mind.  Although the precise mechanism of hypnotherapy is a mystery, it has a key role to play in modern medicine.

Teresa Dellbridge has 25 years clinical experience in counselling, treating a wide variety of conditions such as anxiety, depression and many others. She trained in Bach Flower Remedy therapy in 2004, with the Dr Edward Bach Foundation, as another means to offer personal empowerment, harmony and healing.

Teresa Dellbridge

Hypnotherapy, Counselling, NLP, EFT, Hypno Gastric Band,Hypno-Chemo Support, Bach Flower Remedies, Reikki. Psychodynamic Consellor, Relaxation and Wellbeing Specialist

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