We are Clinical Psychologists located in Gloucester, offering evidence-based psychological therapies to help individuals overcome a range of emotional, behavioural or relational difficulties.

Our areas of specialism:

  • Low mood/depression
  • Anxiety - obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), phobias, panic attacks
  • Grief, loss and bereavement
  • Low confidence and self esteem issues
  • Self harm
  • Emotional difficulties that may lead to physical symptoms/medically unexplained symptoms
  • Difficulties with emotions or feelings - helping people connect to their emotions and more able to accept, regulate and express their feelings
  • Working with those who feel 'stuck' with difficulties they view as being long-term or entrenched
  • Difficulties making/sustaining relationships - identifying unhelpful relationship patterns, thinking about how to communicate/relate to people more effectively
  • Working with those who have experienced trauma/abuse
  • Working with those who care for others to find room for themselves
  • Helping those who are highly self-critical to allow themselves greater care and compassion
  • Working with individuals to become more assertive

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Contact Details

If you would like to talk more about starting therapy please contact us on the details below and we can talk through what you would like some help with and arrange an initial session. If you're feeling a bit unsure about therapy and would like some more information to help you decide, please get in touch. Any conversations we have before an initial session would be free of charge.

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Dr Andrew Iles Chartered Clinical Psychologist Offering psychological therapy services at Gloucester Natural Therapies Clinic.