Reiki Healing

What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki is the Japanese form of Natural healing. Subtle healing energy is channeled by the practitioner's hands to the recipient, calming, supporting, and restoring the body and mind where ever it is needed.

Reiki can be used to help heal symptoms and conditions on many levels; physical, mental and emotional, and spiritual (lending clarity and positive direction).

Reiki healing when applied to specific areas of the body helps to empower local tissues. When applied to the main energetic systems in the body, such as the chakras and auric layers Reiki clears obstacles and balances communication throughout the whole body, regulating organ function and re-instating emotional balance

Reiki has proven to be a very effective therapy to reduce and relieve physical pain, reduce stress, speed up recovery from major operations and dentistry, recovery from illness, palliative care, and balance even extreme mental and emotional states.

Reiki is practiced with the patients clothed and laying on a massage couch. If necessary Reiki can also be practiced with the patient seated, or resting on cushions (e.g. elderly or pregnancy). Treatments can also take the form of distant healing.

Reiki is safe and effective for all age groups and can be used alongside medical treatment, medicines and complimentary therapies.

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