Sports & Remedial Massage


Edyta Szabaciuk

Sports & Remedial massage is not aimed solely for the sportsperson. It is a deep tissue massage treatment tailored to each individual whether or not you lead an active or sedentary lifestyle.

It starts with a case taking & posture analysis, to see where areas of tension & imbalances lie in the body. Past injuries whether old or recent & repetitive strain, either from sports, activities, or from sitting at a desk or driving a car can lead to chronic muscle tension.

My aim is to locate these areas of tension & through a variety of massage techniques, breakdown the scar tissue & adhesions or “knots” to allow the body greater movement & flexibility. This in turn restores muscles back to their prime fitness & function & aids the elimination of toxins from the body. By the release of old tensions this helps to ease the painful areas & the body feels renewed & more relaxed.

Injury Rehabilitation


Edyta Szabaciuk

Where the body has suffered an injury, either a broken/fractured bone or injury to a ligament or tendon, sports & remedial massage is here to help. Secondary tension often develops as other muscles have to work harder to support the injured area & this can lead to even more problems unless it is treated. A thorough examination of the injured area & special tests will enable me to see where & how to proceed. This is an important part of restoring the body back into top physical shape. After care advice including stretches & exercises may be given to help speed up the rehabilitation process.


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