Stone Therapy

What is Stone Therapy?

Stone Therapy is a massage technique using heated stones to give a therapeutic, nurturing, and relaxing deep tissue treatment. It calms the nervous system and balances and grounds, bringing harmony to body mind and spirit. Stones have always been used for healing by many cultures including the Native American Indians, the Mayans , the Chinese Hawaiians, and the Mapuche healers in Chile to name but a few.

The Stones

The stones used for this wonderfully healing massage are basalt. Basalt is an igneous rock formed by volcanic activity. Having lived in the bottom of rivers, the stones have been naturally tumbled and eroded making them flat and smooth, ideal for the work they need to do. They hold the heat for a long time and evenly deliver the temperature required (120F ). They also impart their innate knowledge and energies to us, having existed on the earth for many hundreds and thousands of years. The high mineral content of the stones acts like a magnet, drawing out impurities and enables stress and negative emotions to be released allowing balance to take place.

The Benefits of Stone Therapy

  • A soothing and nurturing massage bringing about deep relaxation
  • A deep tissue massage which reduces muscle tension

The Treatment

The first treatment will take 1 hour 15 minutes (subsequent ones an hour) to include a full medical history and to make certain that there are no contra-indications. These include high blood pressure, skin conditions and diabetes. These might mean that stone therapy might not be used. The client will be covered with towels and lie on a massage table. Stones will be placed along the spine, under the torso and along the energy centres. This calms the body and increases blood supply relaxing the muscles. Crystals will be placed on the Chakras, and after oil has been applied, the therapist will hold the heated stones and massage the body. The heat and weight of the stones enables the therapist to deliver a deep tissue massage right into the muscles.

The stones are different sizes depending on where they are placed on the body. The largest ones go on the solar plexus and heart, the smallest between the toes. They will be replaced with hot ones as they cool, so delivering a constant warmth while being massaged with long nurturing strokes bringing relaxation and improving the flow of energy to the body. It is a truly blissful experience as well as one of healing. Cold stones can be used for skin that is prone to redness and needs cooling.

When the stones are harvested they are blessed and prayers of thanksgiving are said to nature and to the stone clan people as they are known, as a sign of appreciation of the healing work they do. With these blessings this treatment cannot fail to be a truly beautiful and spiritual experience.

What is Stone therapy?

Stone Therapy is a variation on classic massage therapy. Stones have been used by the Chinese, Egyptians, Native Americans and the Incas for many years. Stone Therapy is a very relaxing treatment used to create balance within the body. It is based on Geo Thermal therapy which is done using heated or cold stones on the body to relax, cool, sooth and reduce inflammation . Heat from the basalt stones increases the blood flow and relaxes the muscles, the weight of the stones create a deep massage which is both comforting and nurturing and leaving you with a feeling of wellbeing.


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