History and Development

Reharmonising grew out of Kinesiology and is pioneered by David Smyth, based at the clinic. He senses the energy flowing through the body and allows it to settle into its natural pathway, instead of being distorted.

This treats all possible levels to bring peace, harmony and deep well-being. Regular training sessions are held at introductory, intermediate and practitioner levels.

Reharmonising (RH) is a simple, gentle yet effective way of healing. It was discovered in 1991 by David Smyth and has since been refined and improved by himself and by many of his students.

How Does it Work?

RH works by enabling the body to "see" what is happening inside itself. When our bodies lose the ability to judge what is going wrong, they cannot even start to put matters right. How can we heal something we don't even know is mal-functioning? RH shows our inner selves what is going on. We can then start to put it right.

We do this by "melting" the energy - the practitioner places a hand on or near the patient, and the two people's energies naturally communicate. To the patient this feels very calming and soothing; to the practitioner it feels gently swirling or fluid. When the energy becomes liquid, the patient's inner self can identify blocks or problems more easily. Once identified, it is much more possible to correct - quite naturally and effortlessly.

Professional Recognition

Nowadays, (2003) the Association of Light Touch Therapists (ALTT) has accepted Reharmonising as a therapy in its own right, which is in turn under the auspices of the British complementary Association (BCMA).

David Smyth has been treating with acupuncture since 1986 after training at colleges in Leamington, London and China. At the same time he learnt Kinesiology, becoming a Touch For Health instructor and using Applied and Health Kinesiology. In 1988 David founded and began to teach his own therapy called Reharmonising; now recognised by the British Complementary Medicine Society & Association of Light Touch Therapists. David's work focus is with structure and fertility. Email David Smyth

David Smyth Tel No:- 01594 860169 or 07926017988


David Smyth Lic Ac MBAcC MALTT MBCMA Founder of Reharmonising

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David Smyth